Posted on Jun 17, 2019

BrixtonBooty Car Boot Sale

Brixton Booty Car Boot Sale

Jul 28, 2019 – Jul 28, 2019
Great News Update - We Are Back In Business, and have 10x the (Grass) Ground Space to Utilise, creating more Pitches!!!!

Here’s the link for BrixtonBooty Car Boot Sale, kickoff on Sunday 28 July 2019, and all the details:

Please add the pitch ticket price to suit your requirements at the end of the Link address as follows:-

PayPal Secured Seller Tickets 🎫 Pitches Payment Gateways;

Add the price number to the end of the link to purchase your own Sellers Pitch Ticket shown Below: Carry Bag Tabletops small Car large Car small Van

Make sure to bring your table & chair, plastic coverings, and friends!

Please Share this to your Social Media Networks, as it’s a relaunch. Tell everyone you know.

Any Ticket 🎫 Purchasers not able to use above PayPal Payments to purchase new tickets, can always use Eventbrite’s Payment Below, But includes a fee on top!

Please check that you have created the correct ticket 🎫 for your requirements, as tickets will be selling very fast 💨 As all who have made previous inquiries about Pitches in May and June 2019


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